Undead undead undead

So there haven’t been much news on this section of my website. Doesn’t mean I’m dead, though I have stopped working on English projects altogether. As you know my native French writing career has picked up – surprisingly enough – several novels have come out and more are in the works. This is where I’ll stay and you can check it out if you dare.

You might appreciate how time-consuming and otherwise absurd authoring works in two distinct languages can be. If painters can wield any color and musicians can take up any instrument, only a handful of fiction authors have ever managed to be recognized in different tongues and I’m not one of them. In this, as in most difficult choices in life, you do have to pick a side at some point. It hurts.

I’ll be back at some point, either with something new or translations, random prose or the second tome of the Malice Cycle. Hey, it could happen! Right?




Bruno Massé Answers 13 Burning Questions

– Official Release –

It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s completely bonkers. Some of it’s in English.

Earlier this summer, I’ve asked you to submit crazy and absurd questions for this project, and you answered in kind! Together, we made the perfect parody of a snobbish q&a, with subtle reference to my work, because, well, you know.

You’ll notice we shot this in an actual church, to give it a little goth and blasphemous feeling. We were a small crew with limited means, a roll of tape and a 2×4 wooden clapper. But we had buckets of fun, and I hope it shows!

Thanks to everyone who chipped in their two cents of crazy! Those whose questions didn’t make the cut were still warmly thanked in the credits.

HD version download link (700 mb) : http://www.daemonflower.com/video/13questionsbrulantesHD.mpeg

Producer, writer: Bruno Massé
Directed by: Catherine Lemieux Lefebvre
Boomer: Geneviève Lemieux Lefebvre
Assitant to the director: Audrey Lemay
DSCF1567 resized

Short film, 13 silly questions

Thanks to everyone who put in their two cents o’crazy! You guys are bonkers, and I love ya! I’ll get started on that script and we’ll shoot the fucker soon. All questions below. More later!


  1. Youri Couture: Est-il vrai que tu réponds aux questions?
  2. Commune Des Flocons: Quand les chats grattent dans la porte pour avoir de la nourriture pendant que je lis sur facebook la dernière connerie masculiniste de radio X, est-ce que ça veut dire que Pauline Marois s’est faite mordre par un rat?
  3. Djowany Dè-Land: Est-ce que avec google on peut trouver ce qu’il y a après la mort?
  4. Geneviève Lalonde: Mais ou et donc car ni or?
  5. Sylvie Ouellette Préfèrerais-tu une autre question?
  6. Frédéric Béland: Do you have any trick to avoid getting emotionally attached to your onions before killing them?
  7. Ernesto Sté: si c’était à recommencer est-ce que vous feriez la même chose ?
  8. Frédéric Boivin: Si vous feriez la même chose, est-ce que vous recommenceriez?
  9. Marhi Aive: Comment te définierais-tu par rapport à un hipster ?
  10. Alexandra Roy: Pourquoi c’est toi le meilleur ?
  11. Alexandre Piette: Si ça prend deux étoiles pour faire une lune et deux lunes pour faire une Terre, combien ça prend de soleil pour faire une Terre?
  12. Ian Truman : Now that you are known as a mid-list writer, and OBVIOUSLY make more than enough money to sustain your heavy substance abuse, could you finance my next project, “My life as a Shrimp, an experience in post-modern-deconstructivism?”
  13. Alain Lafond: Quelle est la question à cette réponse?
  14. Pierre-Philippe Lefebvre: Pourquoi les pro-vie sont toujours complètement moches? Il me semble que le problème ne s’applique pas à eux…
  15. Patrick Boucher: Incessant passage à la limite bataillien, Le jardin des rêves opérait une véritable mutation des valences dans la sphère de l’érotisable et poursuivait en cela les micro-transgressions nervaliennes des manifestations de l’inéluctable désir hérétique, amorcées dans votre troublant, mais inoubliable Valacchia. En considérant cette trajectoire thématico-organisationnelle qui ouvre la voie sur de nouvelles configurations des objets voluptueux anormaux, pouvons-nous espérer que Le Cirque diabolique sédimente cette géographie des aspirations sexuelles liminales ou bien doit-on s’attendre à une dissolution anéantissante de la constellation diégétique – si savamment mise en place, grâce aux fines liaisons réseautiques des motifs transitionnels – qui nous a permis de croire à une subversion, à la fois subtile et radicale, des formes romanesques contemporaines encore empêtrées dans une fatigante et fatiguée critique autoreprésentative ?




Got irrelevant, crazy or otherwise absurd questions for me?

I will soon be shooting a short film with Catherine Lemieux-Lefèbvre. The concept: a parody of those boring q&a sessions with posch authors / artists. So let’s do the opposite, and to hell with relevance! And who knows, something actually smart might come out between the lines…

Post your braincramps here or send them by e-mail until June 1st, and I’ll answer in kind in a video sure to resonate through the ages of bad ideas.

Some examples:

1. If train X leaves San Francisco Station at 9:30 going at a speed of 30 mph, and train Y leaves New York Station at 11:00, going at a speed of 40 mph, what is your favorite color and why?

2. Twilight : great vampire flick or… the greatest vampire flick?

3. I don’t know you. How did you get this address?

Note: pending an avalanche of queries, I’ll pick the most creative ones!


– Bruno

Booklaunch Feb 8th @ l’Alizée

The official Jardin des rêves booklaunch will be at Montreal’s l’Alizée bar, Friday February 8th at 7:00 PM. There will be signing, comedy, chaos and more importantly, a live reading from a scene in the novel!

8 février 19:00. L’Alizée, 900 Ontario Est, métro Berri-UQAM

This launch will serve as an introduction to an open-mic Anarchist Cabaret, themed Desire, Erotiscism and Anarchy, by the Anarchist Writers’ Bloc, Montreal Chapter. More performances in line (poetry, dance, music), bring your texts, ideas and craziness!