Got irrelevant, crazy or otherwise absurd questions for me?

I will soon be shooting a short film with Catherine Lemieux-Lefèbvre. The concept: a parody of those boring q&a sessions with posch authors / artists. So let’s do the opposite, and to hell with relevance! And who knows, something actually smart might come out between the lines…

Post your braincramps here or send them by e-mail until June 1st, and I’ll answer in kind in a video sure to resonate through the ages of bad ideas.

Some examples:

1. If train X leaves San Francisco Station at 9:30 going at a speed of 30 mph, and train Y leaves New York Station at 11:00, going at a speed of 40 mph, what is your favorite color and why?

2. Twilight : great vampire flick or… the greatest vampire flick?

3. I don’t know you. How did you get this address?

Note: pending an avalanche of queries, I’ll pick the most creative ones!


– Bruno