Bruno Massé Answers 13 Burning Questions

– Official Release –

It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s completely bonkers. Some of it’s in English.

Earlier this summer, I’ve asked you to submit crazy and absurd questions for this project, and you answered in kind! Together, we made the perfect parody of a snobbish q&a, with subtle reference to my work, because, well, you know.

You’ll notice we shot this in an actual church, to give it a little goth and blasphemous feeling. We were a small crew with limited means, a roll of tape and a 2×4 wooden clapper. But we had buckets of fun, and I hope it shows!

Thanks to everyone who chipped in their two cents of crazy! Those whose questions didn’t make the cut were still warmly thanked in the credits.

HD version download link (700 mb) :

Producer, writer: Bruno Massé
Directed by: Catherine Lemieux Lefebvre
Boomer: Geneviève Lemieux Lefebvre
Assitant to the director: Audrey Lemay
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