Undead undead undead

So there haven’t been much news on this section of my website. Doesn’t mean I’m dead, though I have stopped working on English projects altogether. As you know my native French writing career has picked up – surprisingly enough – several novels have come out and more are in the works. This is where I’ll stay and you can check it out if you dare.

You might appreciate how time-consuming and otherwise absurd authoring works in two distinct languages can be. If painters can wield any color and musicians can take up any instrument, only a handful of fiction authors have ever managed to be recognized in different tongues and I’m not one of them. In this, as in most difficult choices in life, you do have to pick a side at some point. It hurts.

I’ll be back at some point, either with something new or translations, random prose or the second tome of the Malice Cycle. Hey, it could happen! Right?