Projet Aporia


Le premier tome de la série Aporia, 22 mai 2024.

20 ans de littérature ensorcelante

Bruno Massé est titulaire d’une maîtrise en géographie et de diplômes en foresterie, en pédagogie et en administration publique. En tant qu’écrivain, il s’intéresse à la crise environnementale, à la révolte et aux créatures de la nuit. Il est l’auteur de plusieurs romans. L’Anse-aux-Malices est le premier tome d’une série de « dark fantasy » ensorcelante.

  • Undead undead undead

    So there haven’t been much news on this section of my website. Doesn’t mean I’m dead, though I have stopped working on English projects altogether. As you know my native French writing career has picked up – surprisingly enough – several novels have come out and more are in the works. This is where I’ll…

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  • New photos

    New photos by Pierre Ouimet

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  • Bruno Massé Answers 13 Burning Questions

    – Official Release – It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s completely bonkers. Some of it’s in English. Earlier this summer, I’ve asked you to submit crazy and absurd questions for this project, and you answered in kind! Together, we made the perfect parody of a snobbish q&a, with subtle reference to my work, because, well, you…

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  • Short film, 13 silly questions

    Thanks to everyone who put in their two cents o’crazy! You guys are bonkers, and I love ya! I’ll get started on that script and we’ll shoot the fucker soon. All questions below. More later!   Youri Couture: Est-il vrai que tu réponds aux questions? Commune Des Flocons: Quand les chats grattent dans la porte…

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    Got irrelevant, crazy or otherwise absurd questions for me? I will soon be shooting a short film with Catherine Lemieux-Lefèbvre. The concept: a parody of those boring q&a sessions with posch authors / artists. So let’s do the opposite, and to hell with relevance! And who knows, something actually smart might come out between the…

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  • Anarchist Theatre Festival

    Will be performing with the Anarchist Writers Bloc at the Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival May 21st.  Our play, Vous avez quelques secondes?, is an intense foray into the horrors of advertising, with buckets of laughs and just a pinch of apoplexy.

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  • Booklaunch pictures

    Finally some pictures from the Jardin des rêves booklaunch! Thanks to Joelle and Catherine.

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  • Modern Slavery

    The first chapter of Necropolis is featured in the 2nd issue of CAL Press’ Modern Slavery journal. Based in British Columbia and California, Modern Slavery is the latest anti-civ periodical to emerge. It’s huge (200 pages), unbashedly incisive and plain fucken brilliant.

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  • Booklaunch Feb 8th @ l’Alizée

    The official Jardin des rêves booklaunch will be at Montreal’s l’Alizée bar, Friday February 8th at 7:00 PM. There will be signing, comedy, chaos and more importantly, a live reading from a scene in the novel! 8 février 19:00. L’Alizée, 900 Ontario Est, métro Berri-UQAM This launch will serve as an introduction to an open-mic…

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  • Le jardin des rêves now available to preorder

    You can now preorder Le jardin des rêves on Guy Saint-Jean éditeur’s website.

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