Short Stories

The Red Circle Hymn

It snowed black on Friday, Lily.
Just like you said it would.

Lily was gone before he woke up. And then it started. Red circles all around. The end of everything. Now all that’s left is a bottle of bourbon and a set of broken memories. The dominos are all lined up, waiting for that final push. The Red Circle Hymn is here. Everyone must take up verse and sing.

Bruno Masse, aka Raven, breaks new ground in this short tale of apocalyptic ‘noir’. A blend of anarchist ethos and nihilistic prose, overcast with stark depictions of crumbling urbania.

Published autonomously, 2009
6” x 9”, 30 pages
Cover photography by Gaurakisora Tucker
Back cover photography by Max Potega

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Bunkertor Null – Charlie’s Last Day on the Job

Bunkertor Null is an experiment into apocalyptic noir. The story takes place in the near-future, where codename Charlie and his team of mercenaries are pinned down in t he middle of a routine operation. Insurgents are trying to break off Bunkertor Null’s main power line. But what’s worse is: nobody knows what’s inside the bunker.

Published in vol.1 of Subversions, by the Anarchist Writers’ Bloc.

6” x 9”, 9 pages

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The Police Pimp

In the near-future, the oldest trade in the world has been taken over by the State. When Dave Malone gets pushed in the Service Office by his friends, he soon discovers the horror of a government-run bordello .

Published in vol.2 of Subversions, by the Anarchist Writers’ Bloc, 20

6” x 9”, 7 page

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